Internet Policy

Throughout its history, the Holbrook Public Library has made information available in a variety of formats, from print to audiovisual to digital materials.  The Holbrook Public Library provides access to the Internet in support of its role as provider of information and lifelong learning.

The Internet, as an information resource, offers access to a wealth of information, ideas and commentary from around the globe that can be personally, professionally, and culturally enriching.

However, Library patrons must be aware that currently the Internet is an unregulated medium. As such, it enables access to some materials that may be inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, offensive, disturbing and/or illegal.  The Holbrook Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and is not responsible for its content. Users are encouraged to exercise critical judgment in evaluating the validity of information accessed via the internet.

Providing Internet access at public terminals puts what is ordinarily a private instrument (the personal computer) into a public setting.  When using a Library computer, complete privacy cannot be guaranteed.  Users are cautioned that the Library computers on which the public can access the Internet are located in public areas which must be shared by Library users of all ages, backgrounds, and sensibilities.  Individuals are asked to consider this and to respect the sensibilities of others when accessing potentially offensive information and images.


Restriction of a child’s access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.  Children in grades three and under must use the computers with an adult.  Parents are encouraged to discuss the use of the Internet with their children in relation to family values and boundaries and to monitor their child’s use of the Internet.

Use of an Internet Access computer is on a first-come, first-served basis. Those using it will be limited to time if other patrons are waiting to use it.  Patrons will use their OCLN library card or a guest pass to login to use the computers.

Internet use will be managed in a manner consistent with the Library’s Rules of Conduct which have been adopted and are posted in the Library.

Responsible use of the Internet at the Library includes:

  • Refraining from illegal or unethical use of the Internet;
  • Using the Library’s Internet resources for cultural, educational, recreational, and informational purpose;
  • Respecting intellectual property rights;
  • Respecting the privacy of others by not attempting to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others;
  • Refraining from damaging or altering the configuration of the equipment used to access the Internet at the Library;
  • Refraining from altering or damaging software or data residing on the hard drive;
  • And refraining from the deliberate propagation of computer worms or viruses.


Please be aware also that the Library’s Internet connection and/or computer terminals may be periodically and temporarily unavailable due to technical difficulties.

The Library staff members will be happy to help you as much as they can, but cannot provide in-depth training concerning the Internet or computer use.  They may be able to offer searching suggestions and answer questions. If you have never used computers, or have specific questions about the Internet, circulating books and reference books are available.  Staff will attempt to answer those questions as best as they can.

Compliance with Library Policy and Guidelines

In addition to this specific policy, general guidelines for the use of all public access computers govern the use of the Internet in the Library.  Violation of the policies and regulations that govern the use of the Library’s Internet resources may result in suspension or loss of the privilege to use these resources.  Any illegal activity involving the Library’s Internet resources will be subject to prosecution by the appropriate authorities.


Adopted by the Holbrook Public Library Board of Trustees 06/1997, amended 02/2001, 6/2016