EBL User Guide for All Devices


Because of the way this service is licensed, new accounts to EBL must be created within Holbrook Public Library. Once your account is authenticated, you can use this collection from anywhere, but the initial account creation must be done within the library.


Go to http://www.holbrookpubliclibrary.org and select e-Resources tab and then Commonwealth eBook Collections


Click on the EBL logo


Select Holbrook Public Library from the dropdown list


For first time users, and from within the library, select Create Account, and fill out the brief form (tip: using the same username and password combination for all library accounts works best for most patrons as it makes things easier to remember!)


You’ll receive an email confirming your membership. Open that email, click the link, and you should be taken back to the login page


Login with your newly created username and password


Search for a title or author through one of four options:

Š      Quick Search (title, author, keyword), is the default setting

Š      Category search, where the search box becomes a drop down menu of possible choices

Š      Full Text, where you can supposedly search the contents of every book (though it has not shown itself to be consistently accurate)

Š      Advanced Search, for a truly advanced set of parameters (remember, most of these books are intended for research purposes)


Click on the title of the book you want


You can then “add to collection,” which simply creates your own collection of books within EBL that you can refer to later, or you can:


Click “Read Online”


The book will now load and open in the EBL Reader page, with options to page through the book, copy or print certain pages (only 20% of a book can be copied), or you can use the Download option in the blue tab on the LEFT to transfer the book to your computer, tablet or smartphone


To read EBL books online, you need to have Adobe Reader (you probably already do, if not, you can download for free here http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions)


To download EBL books to your computer, you’ll need Adobe Digital Editions (there is a link for both of these programs on the RIGHT side of the screen when you’ve logged into EBL)


To download books to a portable device, EBL recommends the Bluefire Reader app, which is a basic EPUB reader (a guide can be found at www.bluefirereader.com/bfr-user-guide.html)


The loan period for these books is 7 days (again, EBL is typically a research tool)